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New Vertex Software Available NOW


Introducing Vertex™ Where intuitive meets intelligent.

Vertex is the industry’s most intelligent software. Sharing, burning, importing, converting, viewing and storing are simplified with Vertex. Unlike competitive software, Vertex uses a single-screen, drag-and-drop functionality and an intuitive interface to make your experience easier and more successful.


With Vertex, you can take advantage of:
– Customization that tailors the system to your individual needs
– Almost limitless data profile requests
– Automatic or user-initiated sharing
– Seamless integration with existing hardware for maximum cost efficiency

Vertex incorporates DICOM and popular image and document files with ease. When you’re ready to share data, simply burn it to a CD/DVD, send to another location via Secure DICOM Share or access a popular cloud solution. Simply stated, with Vertex you can take from any source and send to any destination.

Elevate your image and document sharing with Vertex, the industry’s smartest software.