Agfa CR DD1.0 Vet Plate, S1 Intra Oral Vet (Qty.12)


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Qty. 12

Phosphor composition: BaSrFBrI:Eu
Typical luminescence 400nm
Steel adapter with plastic spacer

The CR DD1.0 Vet Plates can be easily removed from the cassette and the adapter to make veterinary intra-oral dental X-ray exposures without cassette.
CR DD1.0 Vet Plates are designed to be used with Agfa HealthCare’s CR 10-X and CR 15-X affordable, table-top computed radiography digitizers, and typically combined with CR DD1.0 Cassettes.
The storage phosphors on the CR DD1.0 Vet Plate provide excellent sharpness, while Agfa HealthCare’s top-coating technology improves the signal-to-noise
CR DD1.0 Vet Plate is small and flexible and therefore ideal for veterinary intra-oral dental X-ray examination.

Easy to use
The CR DD1.0 Vet Plates are magnetically adhered to an adapter and can be easily removed from the cassette and the adapter to make X-ray exposures without the CR DD1.0 Vet Cassette.
Both CR DD1.0 Vet Plate and its adapter need to be placed in the CR DD1.0 Vet Cassette only for reading out in the CR 10-X and CR 15-X digitizers.
In order to provide optimum patient comfort during X-ray exposure, the CR DD1.0 Vet Plates are flexible and available in the 5 standard sizes, s0 to s4. In addition 3 sizes are available to intra-oral dental in equine.
The plates are also light and thin like film, plus they don’t require cables, connectors, equipment, or other complex attachments.

Superb image quality
The CR DD1.0 Vet Plates offer high sensitivity and sharpness at low dose, making them especially suitable for dedicated applications. Their storage
phosphors feature high absorption efficiency and excellent homogeneity.
The short response time of these storage phosphors means that one pixel is completely faded before the next is stimulated, for a higher level of sharpness at all spatial frequencies. With their extremely wide dynamic range, the storage phosphors allow a high tolerance to conditions and give you greater freedom in selecting patient dose.
They also significantly reduce the retake rate compared to analog imaging, leading to a substantial reduction in your population dose load.
Agfa HealthCare’s top-coating technology ensures a smoother plate surface, for a better signal-to-noise ratio. And the patented Agfa HealthCare blue, anti-halo layer provides a complete barrier against laser light, while letting through the stimulated light.
The CR DD1.0 Vet Plates also contribute to the no-compromises image quality.

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