Agfa 18 x 24cm HD 5.0 Cassette


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General Radiography



Detector using DirectriX needle-based detector technology to provide very sharp image quality at a lower dose, housed in a user-friendly and durable cassette. For use with our state-of-the-art DX-G, DX-M and DX-S digitizers.

Key benefits

  • State-of-the-art image quality, with potential dose reduction.
  • Wide dynamic range of detector offering reduced retake rate
  • User-friendly and durable cassettes for easy handling
  • Embedded memory in cassette, for reduced human error and streamlined workflow

Product Description:

The CR HD5.0 detector includes our unique DirectriX needle-based detector technology within a user-friendly and durable cassette. This exclusive technology offers you the potential for a significant patient dose reduction.

Thanks to the extremely wide dynamic range of the crystal phosphors, you have more freedom and can operate within greater tolerance limits when selecting patient dose. At the same time, the retake rate is reduced, further lowering dose load.

Can be used with following products and services:
Agfa CR digitizers except CR 30-X, DX-S

Suitable for following market segments:


Superb image quality and reduced dose
CR HD5.0 detectors include our unique DirectriX needle-based detector technology within a user-friendly and durable cassette. It uses a crystal phosphor, which allows a higher packing density and layer thickness than is offered by powder phosphor in a binding material. Thanks to the crystal phosphor’s reduced light spread, sharpness is also increased. The overall result is greater X-ray absorption and conversion efficiencies from the detector, for significant patient dose reduction

Durable and easy-to-use cassettes
CR HD5.0 detectors are housed within user-friendly and durable CR HD5.0 cassettes, which are made of a lightweight synthetic material that is comfortable for both the patient and the operator. This material also provides maximum rigidity, while the cassette’s corners are protected with rubber tips. The felt inner lining of the cassette body ensures a high degree of protection against electrostatic charging, dust collection and mechanical damage to the detector

Embedded memory
Each detector has an embedded memory that stores the data entered during identification by no-touch radiofrequency tagging. Identification data and images are linked from the beginning throughout the entire digital processing system

Compatibility with your existing equipment
CR HD5.0 detectors and cassettes are compatible with existing X-ray tables, so you won’t face investments in new exposure equipment or changes to your familiar and preferred way of working when you move from analog to digital

A range of options
CR HD5.0 cassettes come in general radiography, Full Leg/Full Spine (FLFS) and AEC (automatic exposure control) versions. Each offers the same optimal imaging, while meeting the needs of specific modalities. The various types of cassette have different colored labels, so you always know which is the one you need


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