Agfa Standard Res Radiographic Film – Curix® Ortho HT-G Film – 35x35cm (14x14in)


100 sheets per box

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General Radiography Film


Universal, high-speed, medium-to-high contrast film for use with green intensifying screens.

Key benefits:

  • Designed for HT and RP processing.
  • Optimized for digital scanning with Dynamic Range Matching technology.
  • Excellent sharpness and medium-to-high contrast.
  • Consistently-high image quality with Agfa’s Disc Grain and Split Emulsion Layer technologies.

Product Description:

CURIX Ortho HT-G film is a universal high-speed film that is optimized for digital scanning technology and that offers constant high image quality. The sensitometric curve of the CURIX Ortho HT-G film features both a high toe contrast and a high maximum density.

When used together with CURIX Ortho Medium or CURIX Ortho Regular screens, CURIX Ortho HT-G film produces excellent sharpness at all times, resulting in more perceptible details.

Can be used with following products and services

Agfa developer and fixer processing solutions are recommended.

Suitable for following market segments

CURIX Ortho HT-G can be used in both RP and HT processing.





Dynamic Range Matching

CURIX Ortho HT-G incorporates the unique and innovative Dynamic Range Matching technology for an optimized sensitometric curve. Dynamic Range Matching yields a maximum density as close to 4.00 as possible, allowing the entire density range to be recorded. By closely matching the dynamic ranges of the film and scanners, there’s no loss of information due to cut-off. Moreover, the straight-line portion of the film is highly linear, for a more precise digital image processing.

Variable Range Hopping

Thanks to the unique Variable Range Hopping concept, CURIX Ortho HT-G is coated with an antistatic layer that remains on the film after processing. The film attracts less dust and dirt, reducing artifacts and increasing the quality of scans. This results in improved transport in digitizers with bulk auto feed.

Increased efficiency and reduced operational cost

CURIX Ortho HT-G has been specially designed for processing in high-throughput processors and daylight equipment (e.g. CLASSIC E.O.S. and COMPACT E.O.S.), increasing efficiency and reducing overall operational costs.

Constant high image quality

CURIX Ortho HT-G is very consistent: Agfa’s Disc Grain technology ensures constant high image quality, even when the film is processed in weaker chemicals or unfavorable conditions.

Threefold ecologically sound processing

CURIX Ortho HT-G is fully compatible with the CLASSIC E.O.S. and COMPACT E.O.S. The “Ecologically Optimized System” reduces both the silver content in wash water and the fixer replenishment rate by 35%. Additionally, CURIX Ortho HT-G can be processed in glutaraldehyde-free developer and low-odor fixer.


Technical Specifications:

Safelight requirements

The use of a special red safelight filter is recommended.
It should be used in combination with a 15 watt frosted bulb and be positioned at least at 1.2 m (4′) from the unloading/loading area and processor tray.


CURIX Ortho HT-G film is designed for both standard high-throughput (HT) and rapid (RP) processing.
Agfa’s developer and fixer processing solutions are recommended.


The film should be handled carefully.
Creasing, buckling and physical pressure should be avoided.


Unopened, unexposed films should be stored at or below 21°C (70°F) in a dry location.
The relative humidity should preferably remain between 30 and 50%.
The film should be protected from ionizing radiation.


CURIX Ortho HT-G film is available in all customary sizes, in 100 sheet packaging.
Other packaging and sizes are available on special order.


Additional information

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