Digital Imaging Bundle Kit – Advanced 2



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This bundle kit includes one of each of the following items listed below. Default color for the protective garments is Sapphire blue, but any color can be ordered. Markers that are included can be personalized – so initials need to be provided at time of order.

CRA-15: Caution Radiation Sign
XRR-19B: X-Ray Room Sign
PS-08-B: Pregnant Sign
VS-10EB: Valuables Sign
NFD-22B: No Food, Drink / Cellphone Sign
FB-10N: Film Badge Holder
EBL-L-61: EZ Guard Apron Light-Weight, Size Large, Color: Sapphire Blue
TAL-61: Thyroid Shield Attached, Sapphire Blue
LER-9SPL: Radiation Protective Glasses
GSL-61: Gonad Shield Set, Sapphire Blue
HGP: Pair of Lead Gloves
LGL-L-61: Half Apron, Large, Sapphire Blue
AGR-110: Apron and Glove Rack
LPS-S2424-61: Portable Shield in Sapphire Blue
YKGB: General Sponge Kit
YFEA: 45 Degree Sponge
CAL-21: Caliper
SBK-GB: General Sand Bag Set
TBS-2372: General Transfer Board
TBR-2P: Transfer Board Wall Storage Rack
BSH-65: Step Stool
GWP-P55: Disinfectant for X-Ray Table & Accessories
PAD-50: Reinforced Vinyl Table Pad
BAS-30: Stool
BMS-80: Mayo Stand (instrument stand)
BIV-70: IV Pole
BHS-10: Hamper
BAG-45: Hamper Bag
CCL-14: Imaging Plate Disposable Covers (box of 100)
FLS-78: Flexible Lead Blockers – set of 5
TA-1: RT & LT Marker with Initials
BK-MPGR: Merrill’s Pocket Guide to Radiology Positioning
BK-DRPC: Digital Radiography Book – Revised Print
BBWI-SA22: Standard Wheelchair
RDS-12: Universal Radiolucent Immobilizer Strap
ZOAS-SX03: Patient Chair For X-Ray Room – color: Iodine
ZBCH-USB: Universal Stool


Additional information

Weight 20.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

Bariatric 32" x 72"T BBS-3272, Half 23" x 32"T BH-2332, Narrow 18" x 72" T BN-1872, Standard 23" x 72" T BS-2372