Gymie Titan-X-Ray Panel Holder (19″ and up)


J2 Medical

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Minimum width: 18 inches, Maximum width: 23.5 inches

Titan is the all around best solution for holding x-ray panels in a standard work environment.  Some features include removable-locking wheels, a center crank for height adjustment and a wider base for improved stability.

It’s OFFICIAL. Technologists have just become better. Workflow has just become more efficient. Repeats are now few and far between. Improvised patient positioning is a thing of the past and the door is now open for Advanced Creative Imaging.

Advanced  Creative Imaging.  The freedom to position the image receptor freely on the fly…even where you didn’t think was even possible. 

Accommodations Galore.  Ratcheted, locking clamps hold the image receptor in place so the techs can focus more on the patient and less on the receptor. 

Possibility Embraced.  Adjustable, extending and contracting arms firmly embrace film, CR, and DR panels.

Just Squeeze It.  A clever solution for securing the vast majority of image receptors.

Grab ‘N’ Go.  Weighing less than 15lbs, the Gymie Pod can be a portable x-ray extremity station as it can easily be taken from room to room or “bag it” and utilize it in the operating room.

Motion Universal.  Within moments the Gymie Pod can be adjusted to different heights and angles to accommodate any patient.

Optional Options.  The versatility of the Gymie Pod x-ray cassette holder is what makes it stand out from others.  The Gymie Pod is perfect for cross-table work, sunrise knee, extremity work, sitting skulls, weight bearing feet, axillary shoulders, creative veterinary work…basically for every situation you may encounter.

Functionally Exquisite.  Changing the way things are done is no easy task.  J2 Medical has the best engineers and designers in the business.  Combine that with our “spare zero expense” attitude and the result is evident.  Thanks for being patient.

Amnesia Please.  Forget everything you know about outdated x-ray cassette holders.  Now think of the endless positioning possibilities of the Gymie Pod x-ray device.  Endless, we know.


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
Part Options

A1 – Table Top, A2 – Shelf, A3 – Casters NL (PR), A4 – Casters L (PR), A5 – Roller, A10 – Bearings (3)