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VHC Thoracic Imaging Film

Capture low- and high-density anatomical structures in one exposure. INSIGHT Thoracic Imaging Film and INSIGHT VHC Thoracic Imaging Film capture and display a full range of contrast tones for low- and high-density anatomical structures―lung parenchyma to mediastinum―on a single sheet of film.  Asymmetric emulsion/screen design provides a balance of exposure contrast levels that increase diagnostic confidence and decrease the amount of examinations, without compromising anatomical visualization. 

INSIGHT thoracic imaging film and INSIGHT VHC thoracic imaging film are used in INSIGHT thoracic imaging systems  to: 

  • Increase the quality and volume of information available for diagnosis
  • Increase confidence for interpreting that information
  • Decrease the number of repeat examinations

Zero-crossover film technology and asymmetric film emulsion/screen pairings allow these systems to capture two distinct images with one exposure.

  • An image optimized to display lung parenchyma is captured on one side of the film.
  • An image optimized to satisfy exposure parameters for mediastinum, retrocardiac, and sub-diaphragmatic anatomy is captured on the other side.

This asymmetric emulsion/screen design provides a full balance of exposure contrast levels (compared to conventional rare-earth film-screen combinations) without compromising anatomical visualization. On the viewbox, the two resultant images are perfectly aligned on one film due to excellent film-screen contact and strict manufacturing specifications.

INSIGHT thoracic imaging system
Standard contrast:

  • INSIGHT thoracic imaging film
  • INSIGHT thoracic imaging screens
  • X-OMAT cassette
  • Speed: 250 / mid-lung contrast: 1.40 / mediastinal contrast: 0.7

With the widest latitude, this system provides lower lung-field contrast and higher mediastinal contrast. This standard level of contrast may be preferred by radiologists accustomed to reading chest images with a very long grayscale.

High lung-field contrast:

  • INSIGHT thoracic imaging film
  • INSIGHT HC thoracic imaging screens
  • X-OMAT cassette
  • Speed: 335 / mid-lung contrast: 2.00 / mediastinal contrast: 0.5

This system provides higher lung-field and lower mediastinal contrast than the standard-contrast system described above. Overall system contrast is closest to the look of most conventional thoracic imaging systems.

INSIGHT VHC thoracic imaging system

  • INSIGHT VHC thoracic imaging film
  • INSIGHT VHC thoracic imaging screens
  • X-OMAT cassette
  • Speed: 400 / mid-lung contrast: 2.30 / mediastinal contrast: 0.4

This very-high-contrast system is designed for radiologists who want even more lung-field contrast than that provided by the high-contrast INSIGHT system. Although this system is both faster and higher in contrast, there is virtually no increase in noise. This is an advantage because noise can degrade or compromise anatomical information.

Film storage

Store unopened boxes in a cool, dry place (50–70°F/10–21°C; 30–50% relative humidity) shielded from x-rays and other penetrating radiation.


Use safelight filter type GBX-2 or equivalent located at least 4 ft/1.2 m from the film.

Recommended processing

For best results, process film in X-OMAT and O-MAT EX II chemicals










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