Carestream T-MAT L/RA Film – 8 x 10cm



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General Radiography Film


For wide-latitude, low-contrast applications T-MAT L/RA film is ideal when greater latitude is preferred—such as for soft-tissue visibility, abdominal imaging, and foreign-body localization. Designed for use with LANEX screens, this low-contrast, wide-latitude film is advantageous when exposure control is difficult or machine operation is unstable. Unique patented T-Grain film technology yields brilliant, sharp, low-mottle images to support easy, reliable diagnosis, wherever you view x-ray film.


T-MAT L/RA film features:

  • A special optical base density color optimizes contrast discrimination, reduces viewing fatigue, and sharpens image perception. The result is better viewing wherever radiographs are viewed.
  • low-contrast film that can be used in high-speed system (up to 600 speed) 
  • Stable and reliable in automatic processing, sensitometrically stable under a variety of processing conditions.

Film storage

Store unopened boxes in a cool, dry place (50–70°F/10–21°C; 30–50% relative humidity) shielded from x-rays and other penetrating radiation.


Use safelight filter type GBX-2 or equivalent located at least 4 ft/1.2 m from the film.

Recommended processing

T-MAT L/RA film can be processed in less than 40 seconds with a kwik/RA cycle using X-Omat RA/30 chemicals, or with a standard cycle using RP X-Omat chemicals.



















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Weight 18 lbs
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