Merrill’s Atlas 3 Book Set (Radiography)



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Three volume Set features the “bible” of radiography, presenting more than 400 projections. 1792 total pages. 11th edition. Non-returnable.

Volume ONE includes: Radiation protection, general anatomy & terminology, upper limb/shoulder girdle,lower limb/pelvis & upper femora, vertebral column/bony thorax, and long bone measurements. 624 pages.

Volume TWO includes: Trauma radiology, mouth & salivary glands, anterior part of neck, digestive system, urinary system & venipuncture, reproductive system, skull & facial bones, and paranasal sinuses & temporal bone. 560 pages.

Volume THREE includes: Mammography, central nervous system, circulatory system & cardiac catherization. Sectional anatomy, pediatric & geriatric imaging, mobile & surgical radiography, digital angiography, CT/MRI/US/NUC MED/PET/Bone Densitometry/Rad Oncology. 608 pages.





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