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Combine the versatile Opal-RAD Professional Workstation software with our Cloud Viewer and you have Anywhere, Anytime Viewing.

Secured Data, Unlimited Accessibility

Opal-CLOUD is a Web-based software for reviewing images on MAC, Windows, mobile devices, tablets and smart phones including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. 
Users have access from any device with a web connection.
Supplement any vendors’ PACS with Opal-CLOUD.

Key Uses:

  • Accessible access from even the most secured hospital and operating room computers
  • Share exams without burning CDs
  • Give consulting physicians instant access
  • Supplement ANY EXISTING PACS
  • Easy image sharing and collaboration
  • Offsite viewing

Opal-CLOUD Features

  • Can be accessed on tablets and mobile devices
  • Easily deploys in even the most secure networks
  • Perfect for exam room viewing or onsite consults
  • Great for referring physicians
  • Simple patient filter and search
  • Toolsets for X-Ray, CT, MR, Ultrasound and more
  • Easy to use: tap, drag, and pinch movements to manipulate images
  • Multi-modality, multi-vendor functionality and compatibility
  • Not just for large facilities, Opal- CLOUD works with Opal-WS mini PACS!