S & S X-Ray Products


Optimal viewing of PACS images on compact, mobile platform

The S&S OR PACS Cart is designed to view radiologic images on a compact, mobile platform designed specifically for use in crowded operating rooms.

The S&S Q-Pack Battery Solution provides consistent power to the computing system. The Q-Pack preserves the battery and computer when voltage drops below 10.8 Volts, by gracefully shutting down the computer. The Q-Pack provides on-screen pop-up warnings when the battery requires charging and a single LED display of the battery cell’s charge status. The battery’s charge status is visible through a light indicator on the back of the battery:
The Q-Pack Battery System will charge whether the system is ON or OFF. It is recommended that if the cart is not in use for 12 hours or more, the entire system should be powered OFF to conserve battery life.
The Q-Pack Battery System connects to the CPU via a USB cable, and requires special drivers.
Flat Panel monitors/CPU/small footprint keyboard/wireless network card
* The actual amount of time the battery can maintain power to the CPU/monitors depends upon the specific power requirements of the computer and monitors used. The unit can always be run on AC power.
Holds 1 or 2 Flat Panel monitors, at the correct height for ease of film interpretation
Compact footprint – 26″ W x 26″ D
High quality casters allow ease of movement between rooms
Built-in keyboard and mouse drawer
Lockable center storage (for CPU and accessories)
Wireless capabilities available to make cart fully mobile and independent
Q-Pack Battery. Maintains power to the computer and single monitor for up to 10 hours between charges. Powers dual monitors for up to 6 hours between charges.*
Green Solid:
Unit is ON, operating at optimal power
Yellow Flash:
Battery is charging
Yellow Solid:
Battery is fully charged
Red/Yellow Flash:
Low Battery, below required operating charge

Additional information

Weight 149.0 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

With Storage Drawer, Without Storage Drawer