Reina Imaging Mobile Transformer™ DRP Holder for Fuji D-EVO


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D-EVO Mobile Trans-Former DRP Holder

Reminiscent to your old wall bucky, the D-EVO Mobile Trans-Former™ DR Panel Holder provides the instant ability to utilize your DR panel in every exam room without the need for electricity. A perfect fit for new builds or even up in the OR the Trans-Former DRP Holder allows for versatility coupled with a simplistic technologist friendly design for the entire x-ray department.

Product Advantages

  • Panel can be positioned portrait or landscape
  • Vertical travel
  • Non-PBL
  • Pushbutton counterbalanced pulley system
  • Removable grid
  • AEC compatible
  • User friendly
  • Hospital grade casters


Additional information

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 in