Radiographic Stands

3-Step Rolling Stand3steprolling

Quantum’s unique “Three-Step Weight Bearing Rolling Stand” was designed to accommodate weight bearing AP Feet, weight bearing lateral feet and weight bearing AP and lateral ankle exams.The Three-Step Weight Bearing Rolling Stand was intended to be used in conjunction with a radiographic system that utilizes a tilting wall stand. It allows the technologist to easily and quickly position the stand over the digital receptor for standing AP feet exams. The patient then steps on the stand and into the center of the clear polycarbonate window. For lateral weight bearing feet and weight bearing AP and lateral ankles, the wall stand is positioned in front of the digital receptor. The stand can also be used to image AP and lateral weight bearing knees on pediatric patients.

2step2-Step Rolling Stand

Quantum Medical Imaging’s “Two-Step Weight Bearing Rolling Stand” was designed to accommodate AP weight bearing feet and lateral exams when used with a Universal C-ARM type radiographic system. Patients simply step up onto the stand for specialized views of the lower extremities (such as weight bearing feet and/or lateral feet/ankles).The Two-Step Weight Bearing Rolling stand is easily moved from one position to the next and includes a patient hand rail, as well as self-locking wheels. The non-slip treads provide additional safety for the patient when getting on and off the unit. The stand includes a “clear view” top for precise positioning of the anatomy over the digital receptor.


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