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Verti-Q Wall Stand


Verti-Q Wall Stand

Quantum’s Vertical Wall Stand Series:
 VERTI-Q, is a stylized, single-column structure with an attractive receptor enclosure. The low-absorption front cover includes cassette centering lines and AEC chamber indicators for precise patient positioning. The VERTI-Q can be matched with multi-speed reciprocating buckies, automatic cassette loading systems, fixed grids, or digital receptors.

Expanded vertical travel of the VERTI-Q allows a variety of imaging series, from skull through weight bearing examinations. It easily accommodates a variety of views including standing, weight-bearing knee exams to standing skill procedures. A FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking system with integral counterbalancing ensures patient safety and ease of use. A wide variety of patient exams are possible with the VERTI-Q Wall Stand: for weight bearing knees on pediatric patients to for upright exams on adults.

The Verti-Q Wall Stand Series Include:
VERTI-Q (QW-420) 

VERTI-Q 14″x36″ – for facilities requiring capabilities for full spinal exams 
VERTI-Q-TILT – receptor tilt movement is motorized 
VERTI-Q-MT (Manual Tilt) – receptor tilt movement is manual



Verti-Q Digital Wall Stand


Verti-Q Digital Wall Stand
Quantum’s “VERTI-Q DIGITAL” Series of Radiographic Wall Stands are specially designed to meet the unique needs of the Direct Digital Imaging (DR) System solutions. The series encompasses various models to address any facilities needs for patient positioning procedures.The “VERTI-Q TILT/ROTATE” wall stand has tilting capabilities with an adjustable receptor range of +90° to -15°, providing great flexibility for upright, extremity or table-top exams. Vertical travel is electromagnetic through the use of a FAIL-SAFE braking design. It incorporates Quantum’s exclusive EZ-GLIDE hand control, which rotates 105° for comfort in repositioning of the receptor. With its vertical travel range of 60″, it easily accommodates a variety of patient views, including upright skull through weight-bearing procedures. The center-of-file to flow distance is 13.75″ (35 cm), making it perfect for lower extremities, even on children.All of the VERTI-Q Wall Stands can be configured with a choice of multi-speed buckies, fixed grids or automatic cassette loading systems for use with traditional film systems. The film version includes a custom enclosed frame around the image receptor, as well as a patient chin rest. The front cover material is low absorption and includes cassette and AEC indicators, providing assistance in proper patient positioning.

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