Heavy Duty Wall Cassette Holder for Weight Bearing Studies


RC Imaging


Certified for use with all x-ray systems and designed specifically for 14″x 36″ cassettes, this extra heavy duty cassette holder is unequaled in construction and performance. Heavy duty box girder construction is used for the cassette holder carriage and the top and bottom wall mounting brackets. Heavy gauge chrome plated steel tubes provide a smooth non-binding surface for the nylon carriage rollers. Constant torque counterbalancing springs allow effortless vertical movement. The dual locking system enables the operator to adjust vertical positioning of the cassette carriage with one hand from either side of the patient.

Adjustable grid channels are provided to accept a stationary grid. Two lengths of travel are available. The standard length is 24″. For weight bearing studies we manufacture the 38″ extended travel model. Load from either side.

Finish: Light grey baked enamel

21″W x 85″H x 7.25″D

Additional information

Weight 92.00 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

TA-13 R & L 5/8" w/initials