Akucal Evo Suction™ Base Image Scaling Device – 30mm


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The NEW Akucal EVO Suction™ is the predecessor of the most versatile and best selling calibration stand on the market. A suction base allows for use on both horizontal table tops AND on vertical wall bucky boards making this stand a single source solution for all scaling needs. A patent pending radiolucent sphere holder and sphere size indicator unit ensures perfect visibility of the sphere in the image as well as the sphere size. Simply place the suction base near the area of interest and use the flexible arm to position the marker at anatomy level. Please be advised that a smooth flat surface is essential for best results. We offer Smoothees below that address this issue.

Tried and True Scaling a digital image is mandatory in order to assure the highest level of accuracy throughout the pre-surgical and orthopedic templating process. The Akucal is the best selling x-ray image scaling tool in the world and is trusted by the best. Functionality, durability, sanitation and passion for perfection come standard.

Perfectly Precise.  Rollr Precision Markers are made of solid surgical stainless steel and will not “burn out” in an image like others on the market.  The spherical calibration marker as well as the holder can both be autoclaved for sanitation purposes.

Uncommon Sense.  The person who captures the image is rarely the person who scales the image.  Only the Akucal offers a radiopaque numerical indicator that specifies the size of the calibration marker and is visible in every image.  This reduces confusion and increases imaging workflow.

Flexibility Covered…Literally.  The Akucal’s flexible arm is perfect for positioning the calibration marker at anatomy level.  It is covered with a smooth, crevice free surface which allows for easy sanitation.  Rest assured that every part is removable and replaceable on demand.

One Tool Scales All.  Our custom suction cup base is small yet maneuverable and allows for it to be used vertically on wall boards and horizontally on tables.  The small footprint of the Akucal does not impede the patient, the tech, nor limit its use.

Breaking the Seal.  The Akucal is the ONLY x-ray scaling tool that offers a patented, silicon suction cup base; a suction so strong most are amazed at it’s strength.  And to top it off, it too can be autoclaved for sanitation purposes if needed.

Make No Mistake.  J2 Medical offers design and quality that you are unlikely to find in other radiology accessories.  We realize that the products we stand behind are more important than the profits we generate.  Try one, and we will guarantee that you will feel the same.

Evolution of a New Era.  We have accepted our leading role in the radiology accessory industry but without the support of customers like: NYU, The Cleveland Clinic, Shriners, UCSD, Harvard, The VA, CSSS, Spire and thousands of others none of this would be possible.  We thank you.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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A1 – Table Top, A2 – Shelf, A3 – Casters NL (PR), A4 – Casters L (PR), A5 – Roller, A10 – Bearings (3)