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The Exa RIS solution is a completely Web-based software application designed to streamline practice workflow while enhancing patient and referring physician accessibility with an integrated PACS database. The software is designed to ease all obstacles both within the practice as well as for deployment to referring physicians. With complete EHR integration, the EXA RIS is prepared to support and change with new government and industry regulations such as Meaningful Use.

Intelligent Patient Scheduling

Exa RIS makes scheduling easy. Input appointments by patient, calendar or resource (modality, physician, procedure) and view the first available time slot. The color-coded scheduler is designed to alert schedulers of time concerns for insurance verification. The colors help to select more appropriate times for imaging studies based on the specific time required for insurance verification.

Referring Physician Portal

Give referring physicians secure, remote Web access that they will actually use! While other systems offer more complex means of providing physicians access, The RIS is focused and designed to make referring physician access simple and easy to use.

Patient Portal

Patients have access to administrative digital forms that are required to be filled out for appointments, in advance via the patient portal. Patients can also use the portal to download copies of their images and reports in a shareable format.

Procedure-Diagnosis Validation

Avoid insurance denying a payment with Procedure-Diagnosis Validation. Exa RIS compares ICD 10 and CPT codes to ensure the exam generated is appropriate for the presented ailment to reduce insurance rejections.

  • The Exa RIS solution produces a statistical analysis to determine the likelihood of receiving insurance payment for procedure based on the patients’ initial presentation
  • Exa RIS is preloaded with CPT codes saving time coding and in turn results in improved efficiency.

About Viztek EXA EHR: This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Go to InfoGard<https://www.infogard.com/healthcare_it/onc_certification/ehr_certificates?url_name=healthcare_it/ehr_testing_and_certification/ehr_certified_products> to view the public test report of the certified results.
Vendor Name:  Viztek L.L.C.
Certified EHR Name:  EXA EHR
Certified EHR Version:  1.0
InfoGard Certification #:  IG-3598-16-0009
Certification Date:  March 15, 2016
Certification Criteria:  §170.314: a1-15, b1-5, b7, c1-3, d1-8, e1-3, f1-3, f7, g2-4
Clinical Quality Measures Certified:  CMS65, CMS68, CMS69, CMS124, CMS125, CMS126, CMS138, CMS139, CMS155, CMS166
Additional Software Required: Rcopia/DrFirst, EMR Direct, Microsoft Excel

Transparent Pricing Disclosure:
A contract is required to purchase Viztek EXA EHR. Contracts typically run with annual auto-renewal.  Licensing and implementation of the functionality and content covered by this certification will require one-time software license and ongoing support fees. These fees cover the right to use the in-scope solutions, support, and ongoing updates to the solution. Initial deployment of the certified technology will include charges for requested standard implementation, integration, and training services. Ongoing annual costs are required for Direct Messaging,  Electronic Transfers of Care and use of e-Prescribing and medication/allergy management services. One-time costs will be required for any requested interface for outgoing lab orders, inbound lab results, HIEs, registries and public health agencies.
The EXA EHR solution has dependencies on local bandwidth. For transitions of care – recipient providers must have Direct Messaging capabilities and belong to the Direct Trust Bundle for EXA to automatically record the electronic exchange.