JPI ExamVue Duo 14” x 17” Wireless


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With low dose, high quality images, JPI’s digital x-ray detectors work with the highest end, most proven reliable technology. Made using amorphous silicon TFTs, JPI ExamVue DR detectors work in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

Direct deposit Cesium Iodide crystal scintillators provide sharp, high resolution images with extremely low x-ray exposure to patient and technician, while having none of the long-term bonding and image quality issues that result from gluing separate scintillator screens to the TFT. The result is a long lasting high quality image you can rely on.

Ideal for practices looking for high-quality digital imaging. Additionally, when combined with our easy-to-use ExamVue Duo image acquisition software, the ExamVue 14” x 17” Wireless is also well-suited for professionals new to digital X-ray.

Users will get great image quality and reliability with the numerous JPI advantages, which include no calibration required, ExamVue’s enhanced image processing engine, and our unmatched warranty program.

Shape, Size and AED

The ExamVue 14” x 17” Wireless cassette-sized detector easily fits into standard bucky tray cabinets for upgrading a film or CR system to a flat panel DR system. Lightweight, slim design, rubber insulated frame and high strength aluminum-alloy case ensure safe and convenient operation and moves. Integrated automatic exposure detection eliminates the need for any wiring to the generator, allowing you to use it freely with any system or position.

Battery Life

Extra-long battery life, multiple battery charger and the ability to plug in the detector to charge during use means it will last as long as you need.