Carestream DryView DVM – Mammo Film – 8 x 10in



125 sheets per box
4 Boxes Per Case
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Laser Film


DRYVIEW mammography laser imaging film is optimized for mammography applications, producing particularly great quality images with the DRYVIEW 8900 Laser Imager with Mammography Upgrade. It is Carestream Health, Inc.’s groundbreaking dry laser film for digital mammography. It has high maximum density, so subtle image shading remains crystal clear with lifetime archivability. DRYVIEW Mammography Laser Imaging Film enables true-size film imaging. Daylight packaging provides greater ease of use.

Compatible with DRYVIEW 6800 and 8900 Laser Imagers for Mammography. 

Outstanding image quality with minimized noise and improved density uniformity in the emulsion. Produces sharp alphanumerics and continuous-tone images with exceptional spatial resolution, contrast, and grayscale levels.

Easy daylight loading and long-lasting DRYVIEW laser imaging film cartridges save time and money,as well as improve workflow in the examination room. Use one film for all DRYVIEW Imagers—eliminate inventory excess, no wet film processor.

Cartridge recognition technologyenables DRYVIEW Laser Imagers to recognize film type, size, and lot, as well as the number of sheets remaining. AIQC System-matched to boost productivity. Available in three sizes.

Requires the DRYVIEW 8900 to be equipped with the mammography software upgrade.

  • Lifetime (100+ years) film archivability
  • Printed film images with up to 3.6 D-max
  • Available in 8 x 10-in. (20 x 25 cm) and 10 x 12-in. (25 x 30 cm) sizes
  • Daylight-load film cartridges
  • 125 sheets/cartridge
  • AIQC System-matched with the DRYVIEW 8900 Laser Imager

Maximum film density of 3.3 when used with DRYVIEW 8900*
*Higher maximum density with the optional digital mammography printing upgrade, for the DRYVIEW 8900 laser imager

Storage and Handling of Film 
DRYVIEW Film must be stored in a cool, dry place (41°F/5°C to 77°F/25°C) and protected from radiation and chemistry fumes in
order to achieve consistent results up to the expiration date indicated on the film package.

• Tests under American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and ISO methods indicate DRYVIEW Film is archivable for 100+ years when stored at ANSI recommended temperatures (maximum 77°F/25°C)— far exceeding requirements for oncology and pediatric applications.


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