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Konica Minolta REGIUS Nano CR -CMXThe REGIUS Nano CR is a high performance single bay CR system that can process up to 76 plates an hour (14” x 17”) for fast patient turnaround time and improved workflow. Its touch screen control station provides intuitive software tools for generating superior image quality with a few easy steps. This compact, single bay reader is designed with dependable, high quality components to ensure system reliability. Nano CR will satisfy a broad range of needs from those of a large hospital facility or imaging center, to that of a stand-alone clinic or surgery center. Whether it is networked with another Nano CR, an Xpress CR, or the REGIUS DR system, Nano CR delivers speed, workflow, and redundancy.

  • Linear Motor Technology… for a smooth plate transport mechanism
  • Hybrid Processing… a patented Konica Minolta innovation that divides an image into multiple frequency bands ultimately producing a more natural looking image with less noise and artifacts.
  • Two Resolutions… in addition to the standard resolution, Nano CR is capable of a high resolution of 87.5 µm which provides diagnostic quality images where recognition of subtle pathological changes is essential, such as special extremity and pediatric applications.
  • Any Reader Any Time… images are always displayed on the control station where the plate is registered. This maximizes turnaround times.
  • Nano CR… provides flexible configuration options. It’s capable of networking with additional units in order to meet your specific workflow needs, as well as provide optimal support for true redundancy.

Multi-reader control
One CS-3 unit seamlessly controls both reader units of the Model190 and Model 370. For superior processing continuity, the flow of exposures is uninterrupted while the images are acquired.

Freely Selectable Reader
Images are always displayed on the CS-3 where the plate is registered, regardless of which the reader unit used to scan the plate. This makes it easier for the operator to check image quality while maximizing the reader utilization.

A better real time display
Shorter time from exposure to image checking is important for the user’s efficiency. The CS-3 makes it possible to check the image in the least amount of time possible, since images are displayed in real time.

User Tool
This tool allows the user to modify processing parameter settings, examination key layout, and other settings with ease. The operation is highly visually oriented:users can browse previous images while using slide bars to change the settings;images are then updated as the settings change. The drop and drag function for creating examination keys are also intuitive and simple to use.


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