MG-7 Illuminators

Wolf X-Ray


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Wolf’s workhorse, the MG-7 is designed to give the private practitioner years of reliable use.

Easily wall surface mounted, the MG-7’s five-inch depth also makes it ideal for desk-top use.

Available as a single unit with a 14” x 17” viewing area, or up to 4-in-1 (56” x 17”) viewing area, the MG-7 features two 15 watt fluorescent lamps (2,200 Candela per square meter), a white baked on enamel finish, magic grip film retainer and a 6’ cord with 3-prong plug.

Easy-carry handle is also available

Note: Do not recess mount – the on/off switch is located on top of the unit.

Size Stock Number
Standard 14″ x 17″ 21104
2 in 1 Horizontal 21801
3 in 1 Horizontal 21802
4 in 1 Horizontal 21803