MRI Pad Kit to fit Hitachi – 8 Pc. Set


Patient Comfort Systems


For Hitachi Products

• HIT2111 MRI Pad Kit A (31″W x 27″L x 1.25″D) – 2 Pcs. 
• HIT2112 MRI Pad B (31″W x 13.5″L x 1.25″D) – 1 Pc.
• HIT2113 MRI Pad C (27″W x 13.5″L x 0.625″D) – 1 Pc.
• HIT2114 MRI Pad D (31″W x 27″L x 0.625″D) – 2 Pcs.
• HIT2117 MRI Pad E (31″W x 13.5″L x 0.625″D) – 1 Pc.
• HIT2211 Knee Wedge (24″W x 28.2″L x 8.0″D) – 1 Pc.

Features & Benefits
• Patient Comfort Systems’ patent pending technology assures durability and patient safety.

Advanced Viscoelastic Material
• Permanent antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of 99.9% of harmful bacteria.
• Decreased patient motion during scans due to enhanced patient comfort.
• Increased patient satisfaction.
• The ultimate in pressure management technology for MRI, CT, and PET scanners.
• Reduces peak pressure, friction and pressure for improved blood flow.
• Exceptional radiolucent qualities.

• Can be easily cleaned and disinfected with any standard hospital disinfectant.
• User friendly – Reduces operation costs.
• Quick return on investment after purchase.

Covering Materials
• Ultra-strong fabric with seams sewn with coated nylon thread to protect the viscoelastic core material from body fluids.
• Permanent antimicrobial agent incorporated in the top and bottom cover fabrics.
• Vapor, moisture impervious and latex free.
• Reduces sweating and shearing.

Fire Safe
• Flamability compliant to CTB-133 standards, the required standards for most states.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 29 × 9 in