Revolution Maxi-Flex 5 Finger Lead Gloves



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The perfect way to ensure your hands and lower forearms are fully protected by the most flexible, comfortable radiation protection gloves on the market.

Comfortable fit with maximum dexterity. Soft removable, washable and replaceable inner liners reduce odors and allow for washing. Durable outer covers can be replaced.  Available in 0.50 mm lead equivalency.

Revolution Maxi-Flex 5 Finger Lead Gloves come exclusively in our Revolution fabric, the softest and most comfortable material available for radiation protection.


    • Revolution Fabric in solid colors
    • .50mm LE Lead Equivalency
    • Tough, durable outer coverings
    • Soft, Flexible and Comfortable
    • Removable, washable and replaceable Cool Wear moisture-wicking inner liners
    • Replaceable outer covers

683300-700 Black
683300-701 Red
683300-702 Fuchsia
683300-704 Pink
683300-705 Navy
683300-706 Teal
683300-707 Yellow
683300-708 Sky Blue
683300-709 Grey
683300-710 Purple
683300-711 White
683300-712 Ducks Green
683300-713 Tide Red
683300-714 Jewelry Box Blue
683300-715 Orange
683300-716 Volt
683300-717 Serenity Blue
683300-718 Royal Blue
683300-719 Coral

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in