Tagitol™ V Barium Sulfate Suspension


BRACCO – Formerly E-Z-EM




TAGITOL™ V Barium sulfate Suspension (40% w/v, 30% w/w)

TAGITOLTM V Stool Tagging Agent is a low-volume contrast agent used to opacify residual stool in the colon for Computed Tomography (CT) imaging. It blends into the stool as it forms, resulting in immediate, visible identification of retained feces.

Compliance is a major factor in effective fecal tagging, so TAGITOL V (Barium Sulfate Suspension 40% w/v, 30% w/w) Stool Tagging Agent was made with the patient in mind. TAGITOL V Stool Tagging Agent should be taken one dose per meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner, the day before the exam, as it is enough to create the contrast needed for an effective scan. Its pleasant taste makes it easy to swallow.

Convenient, low-profile packaging makes it easy to store and carry.
• Pleasant flavor
&bull: Easy to drink
&bull: Three (3) small prepackaged unit doses
&bull: Easy storage

Barium Sulfate Suspension 40% w/v, 30% w/w for oral administration.

Each 100 mL contains 40g barium sulfate. Barium sulfate, due to its high molecular density is opaque to x-rays and therefore, acts as a positive contrast agent for radiographic studies

Twenty four patient packs, each pack contains 3 bottles of 20 mL ea (60 mL total)

Old E-Z-EM Part # 8140


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in