Technologist Protection X-ray Mobile Barrier


The latest addition to our line of protective barriers. The window can be easily raised and lowered by hand as a result of the perfectly counter-balanced internal springs. The high quality steel construction and stainless springs provide a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Mobile X-ray screen designed to protect technical personnel from X-ray radiation.

  • 1.5 mm Pb equivalent base
    Dimensions: 29.9” (76 cm) Width x 41.7” (106 cm) Height*
  • .5 mm Pb equivalent acrylic window
    Dimensions 27.6” (70 cm) Width x 37.4” (95 cm) Height (adjustable)
  • Dimensions with screen lowered:
    29.9” (76 cm) Width x 46.5” (118 cm) Height*
  • Dimensions with screen raised:
    29.9” (76 cm) Width x 74.4” (189 cm) Height*
  • Includes four sturdy casters, two with brakes
  • Complete with bar to hold controls
    Dimensions: 9.8” (25 cm) x 3.9” (10 cm)

Retractable Window

  • Multiple heights
  • Perfectly counter balanced
  • Easily raised and lowered

All new barriers and racks feature our new and improved swivel casters.

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