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Only the MOZART  System uses 3-D Tomosynthesis for intraoperative breast specimen imaging.

  • Enables surgeons to differentiate between healthy and involved tissue for greater breast conservation.

  • Provides clear images of targeted lesions through obstructions like dense tissue or skin.

  • Creates true 3-D images of breast specimens in 1mm slices  in a single operation.

  • Automatic Specimen Alert pro-actively alerts you if a specimen has not been removed from the chamber.

  • Can be used with any specimen containers and only uses uncompressed specimens.

  • Identifies the exact location, character, and extent of lesions three-dimensionally.

  • Provides more information than 2-D orthogonal views allowing easier,
    more accurate confirmation of the extent of the target excision.

  • Facilitates a reduction in re-excision rates and superior tissue conservation.

  • Includes 2-D X-ray and optical 13 Megapixel image capabilities.

  • Bench-top or tower configurations available