Fast Find Grid – Disposable CT Biopsy Grid


WEBB Medical LLC

25 Per Case


Replaces EZEM # EG6500

The low-cost, patented Fast Find Grid is a simple, disposable tool that can be used for all computed tomography (CT) guided biopsies and drainage procedures, regardless of the body part. This includes thyroid, lung, liver, abdominal, pelvic and extremity biopsies and drainages.

  • 1cm markings across each slice for precise needle placement
  • Flexible grid material conforms closely to the patient’s anatomy for accurate imaging
  • Disposable grid prevents cross-contamination
  • Tape strips assure non-slip positioning
  • Fast, accurate pinpointing of area of concern saves time and money
  • Radio opaque grid yields a readily identifiable dot pattern on each CT image
  • Porous grid allows accurate marking of area with felt-tip or marking pen
  • Latex Free

Types of pathology aided with CT scanned needle biopsies:

  • Lung cancers Kidney cancers Liver masses
  • Pancreatic masses Retroperitoneal masses Bone
  • Aspirate fluid in the lung or abdomen Blood (hematoma) removal from abdomen
  • Biopsy pleural Biopsy lymph nodes in neck or groin
  • Aspirate fluid from cysts Biopsy collections or masses in extremities

Why should doctors use the Fast Find Grid? – It’s about saving time.

  • Save time: By increasing the accuracy of needle placement with 1 cm markings on the grid.
  • Save time:  Reduce needle re-positioning and rescanning with radio-opaque markers prior to needle placement.
  • Save time: No slipping: Taped edges assures it stays in place.
  • Save time: Extremely flexible. Conforms to areas scanned, no problem to position.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

58406 Standard Foam, 58406-SF Super Foam, 58406-TF Temper Foam