SITZMARKS® Radiopaque Markers


Konysl Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Carton of 10 O-Ring Capsules (one capsule per folder)


Sitzmarks is a colonic transit diagnostic test that helps physicians select the best therapeutic option for adult patients with severe constipation who have otherwise negative GI evaluations. The Sitzmarks test can help physicians diagnose hypomotility, colonic inertia and functional outlet obstruction.

Why Sitzmarks?

No other diagnostic test is as easy and cost effective as SITZMARKS® at diagnosing gastrointestinal conditions such as hypomotility, colonic inertia, and functional outlet obstruction.

Top Benefits of SITZMARKS®

    1. Alternative to uncomfortable barium enemas
    2. Less expensive than wireless motility capsules
    3. Easy to administer
    4. Affordable for both professionals and patients
    5. Offers short diagnosis time
    6. Reliable diagnoses
    7. May help avoid surgery
    8. Only requires low radiation X-rays

Additional information

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