GE AMX 4 Portable Remanufactured AMX 4


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GE AMX 4 Portable Remanufactured AMX 4

Huestis Medical remanufactures all GE AMX portables under a thorough electronic, mechanical and cosmetic program. Numerous upgrades include a new maintenance-free battery pack, critical structural reinforcements and replacement of major cabling and control components. Huestis Medical then calibrates and tests each system to exacting standards backed by an 12-month warranty on workmanship and parts. GE-AMX-4-Portable-Remanufactured-AMX-4-CMX


  • New 28 Amp/Hour Lead Calcium Batteries.
  • New control panel decals.
  • New H.S. cord and housing.
  • New small diameter HV cables.
  • New L.V. cables.
  • New counterweight cables.
  • New wrap around bumpers.
  • Upgraded front casters (if needed).
  • New drive belts.
  • New hospital grade cord cap.
  • New collimator dials.
  • Mechanical assemblies inspected and rebuilt as necessary.
  • New bearings where needed.
  • Complete calibration to meet or exceed OEM specifications. [AMX-4 UPGRADES:]
  • Reinforced Base
  • New style spring loaded casters
  • New style cassette draw
  • Pad added to the bottom of the cassette drawer
  • Hall effects tube latch assembly
  • New style relay assembly for tube latch
  • Upgraded drive wheels
  • Upgraded drive motors
  • New style micro-switches in the drive handle
  • New style micro-switches in the in the collimator handles
  • New style knobs and pointers on collimator
  • Proprietary upgrade to rotor board
  • Proprietary upgrade to the CPU
  • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) cable added to the base unit
  • ESD wire added to the top shroud
  • ESD added to the drive handle
  • New style PCB interconnect cables with choke installed
  • Protective wrap added to the top shroud
  • AMX-4+ style vertical column positioning of xray tube through 270-degree column rotation
  • Proprietary battery charge labeling
  • Green charge indicator light added
  • Remote battery charge voltage test terminal block added
  • A copy of the calibration data (battery back-up RAM chips) is archieved for a period of 2 years

Technical Specifications

  • 100 mA constant.
  • kVp 50-125.
  • mAs 0.4-320.
  • 24 kVp stations.
  • 30 mAs stations.
  • X-Ray tube MX-75 275k HU.
  • Focal spot .75mm.
  • Dual motor drive (forward & reverse).
  • Variable speed drive.
  • High frequency generator.
  • LED display.
  • Electric solenoid locks.

AMX-4 – High Frequency Performance

The GE AMX-4 features a high frequency, microprocessor controlled generator and are upgraded to a vertical column.These thoroughly remanufactured units are backed by a 12 month warranty.

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Weight 15.00 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 1 in