CoRE Labs Ceiling Mounted System


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CoRE Labs Ceiling Mounted Suite

  • CoRE labs radiographic suites were designed from the beginning to work seamlessly for even the fastest throughput clinical environments.
  • With continuous SID display, rapid one hand positioning, optional SID automatic tracking, your clinic can be assured to care for a fast paced workload.
  • To speed installation, all suites come with onboard 24 VAC & 24 VDC power and wiring interfaces for ancillary equipment.
  • Their award winning user interface provides an easy to read, large backlit LCD display which shows SID and tube angulation.
  • With continuous SID display, one can achieve 40” SID with any table height allowing tall and short technicians alike to work in a height environment which is comfortable to them.
  • Operator fatigue is minimized through European & American engineered designs, providing less than 5 pounds necessary force, for movement in all directions

Atlas Elevating Table:


  • The atlas elevating table is designed as a “stand alone” system, consisting of plug-in cables and a single board interface compatible with all standard x-ray equipment. 
  • The tabletop electromagnetic locks are released by applying pressure to foot pedals at the tables base. 
  • The table height is adjustable to accommodate ambulatory, wheel chair, or gurney patients – Easier transfer is accomplished for both patient and operator.
  • With the atlas elevating table, the operator can easily and quietly elevate and accurately position a patient weighing up to 650 pounds. 
  • Virtually silent motorized vertical movement is controlled by applying pressure to the foot pedals or optional hand controls.

Flora Wall Bucky Stand 14″ x 17″: Flora Wall Bucky Stand CoRE Labs CMX

  • CoRE labs Wall Stands are manufactured to the same quality level as our tube stands and tables.
  • Flora is a fully counterbalanced unit and uses electronic positive locks. 
  • The Flora accommodates Bucky’s, trays & DR systems from various manufacturers.

Halo Overhead Tube Crane: CoRE Labs Halo Overhead CMX

  • The halo overhead tube support is a heavy duty,  manually operated, fully counterbalanced ceiling mounted unit.
  • The halo tube support provides flexibility to facilitate a wide range of x-ray procedures. 
  • Fully counterbalanced, this heavy-duty system can be easily positioned at any selected point within its total range of travel.
  • The x-ray tube rotates a full 360-degrees about its vertical and horizontal axis with mechanical indexing at each 90-degree position.
  • The ergonomic user interface provides convenient selections to allow the tube to be moved in the longitudinal, transversal, vertical and rotational directions, and allows for  table/wall Bucky centering.
  • A single handle control allows for fast and out of the way positioning.
  • The LCD Display indicates SID to Tabletop / Wall Bucky in inches or centimeters & angulation of x-ray tube in degrees.
  • The “Intelligent Software” allows for fast and easy access to calibration and configuration.
  • Standard ceiling heights between 99-124 inches.   Can be used with any existing mounting structure without modification to the ceiling.

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Weight 15.00 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 1 in