Gentle Slope® Compensating Filter

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  • Has two gradients: 37º and 52º.
  • Velcro® is incorporated at each end; other self-adhesive Velcro® (supplied) serves to fix the filter to the collimator or to a cassette.
  • Specification FI-04 – Standard little prism
    • Length 21 cm  – Width :  8 cm – Height 4 cm
    • With self-adhesive Velcro® and 4 fixation plates.


  • Abdomen, double contrast, lateral decubitus
  • Some chests with a large base extremities
  • The real Gentle Slope ® filter.  Fingers and toes are much thinner than the wrist and back of the foot. It would be a miracle to find a technique suitable to such variations in thickness. These are precisely the marvels that the GENTLE SLOPE allows. Cassette and filter become inseparable.Handspente-douce-02



    Oblique view of one foot and a simultaneous lateral of the other.


    Specifications FI-03 – gentle slope

    L30 x W17 x H2.3 cm approx.; 800 g.


    Specifications FI-03A -Half gentle slope

    L23 x W33 x H5 cm approx.; 400 g.

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Weight 3 lbs

FI-03 Gentle Slope, FI-03A Half Gentle Slope