Ingot® Compensating Filter

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Equals 9 cm of added tissue protection

C-7 may receive a much higher MAS, while the INGOT protects C-1 to C-6

Two useful lengths: 25 and 15 cm approx.

Holds vertically with a Velcro® strap

C-7 in three steps

1 – Passive traction


2 – Low centering


3 – The Ingot®

Other uses

When the waist is very narrow, L-5 is often under-exposed: the INGOT permits a higher MAS, while L-1 to L-4 are protected.


The INGOT protects the diaphysis and the femoral neck, permitting a better penetration of the head and acetabulum.


The dorsal vertebrae are often over-penetrated by superimposed lungs: they are protected by the INGOT.


The INGOT protects the greater trochanter of an older, thin patient from over-penetration.


Specifications FI-02 – INGOT (with strap)

L25 x W21 x H4.5 cm approx.; 1.8 kg


Specifications FI-02A – INGOT (half ingot with strap)

L15 x W10 x H4.5 cm approx.; 1 kg


Specifications Ingot – ST-12 (strap only for Ingot)

2.5 x 130 cm


Specifications Ingot – ST-11 (strap only for Half-Ingot)

2.5 x 70 cm

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

FI-02 With Strap, FI-02A half Ignot