Little Prism® Compensating Filter

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  • Has two gradients: 37º and 52º.
  • Velcro® is incorporated at each end; other self-adhesive Velcro® (supplied) serves to fix the filter to the collimator or to a cassette.
  • Specification FI-04 – Standard little prism
    • Length 21 cm  – Width :  8 cm – Height 4 cm
    • With self-adhesive Velcro® and 4 fixation plates.


  • Abdomen, double contrast, lateral decubitus
  • Some chests with a large base extremities
  • Calcaneum, axial view
  • Olecranum, axial view
  • Patella and tibial tuberosity
  • Also used next to the patient.


Little prism used at the collimator


The LITTLE PRISM is fixed to the collimator in any position by means of self-adhesive Velcro® (supplied). Its gradients are four times smaller at a 100-cm distance, due to magnification (see brochure).


Lateral decubitus films of D.C. enemas are improved when covering the upper 10 cm of a flaccid abdomen with the shadow of the LITTLE PRISM.
The filter is also useful on chests having a wide base, to attenuate over-penetration of the apexes. Sometimes useful over the thinner part of some extremities.

Little prism also used next to the patient


For the CALCANEUM (or the olecranum), axial view.


The LOWER PATELLA is less penetrated using the LITTLE PRISM. When the cassette is vertical, use auto-adhesive Velcro® to hold the filter.


 Specification FI-04A – Short little prism

  • Length 15 cm  – Width :  8 cm – Height 3,5 cm
  • With self-adhesive Velcro® and 4 fixation plates.

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FI-04 Standard Little Prism, FI-04A Short Little Prism