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Why is the DRYPRO 832 Dry Laser Imager your digital productivity tool?Konica-DRYPRO-832-CMX
Because now you can get faster print throughput even in a lower print volume environment…now you can get laser technology in a smaller footprint… and now you can get flexible configurations that are easy to use. The result: lower cost of ownership while incorporating the most advanced technology.

With our new technology, you also get Konica Minolta’s industry leading reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Let the DRYPRO 832 be your digital productivity tool and deliver effortless, cost-effective images.

The DRYPRO 832 Laser Imager Versatile
The versatile DRYPRO 832 accepts four film sizes  (14×17in., 11×14 in., 10×12 in., and 8×10 in.,) and by installing an additional, optional supply unit, two trays can be used to offer two film sizes at the same time.

An external print server Printlink V, included with the imager, efficiently processes and queues DICOM print requests. Additionally, our Konica Minolta’s Printlink III solutions receive images from legacy, non-DICOM modalities (digital or video) and output images via DICOM. And by supporting gigabit network speeds, the system handles multiple images very efficiently to further maximize workflow productivity. 

The DRYPRO 832 is easy to use. It warms up quickly, and is very quiet. Film loading and routine care are simply performed by user through easy access panels.

A clearly visible status light changes color to indicate “Ready”, “Printing”, and “Film Empty” conditions. This way you can recognize the system status from a distance.

Advanced Technology
The world’s smallest medical laser imager utilizes advanced technology to maximize reliability without sacrificing performance. Small yet mighty, the DRYPRO 832 boasts the fastest time to print in the industry at 50 seconds to first print. With a capacity of 90 sheet per hour throughput, this laser imager has enough bandwidth for most imaging environments. Consistently produce sharp, high definition images with the DRYPRO 832. 

  • A linear heating system that does not heat a drum enhances durability and stability while saving space.
  • A semiconductor laser and precision optics are merged to produce 78.6 µm pixel size resulting in sharp, high-definition films.
  • Shorter film path – minimizes the time to print-only 50 seconds!


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